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Abigail Mac, Lena Paul Undercover


Mary (Abigail Mac) is preparing her next class when Ana (Lena Paul) comes in. She smiles at Mary and moves closer to her. Ana starts touching Mary and gives her a gentle kiss on the lips. Mary pushes her back gently, she’s shy and doesn’t want to get caught. She’s a substitute teacher and she doesn’t want anybody to know that she fell for one of her colleagues. The two lovers continue flirting for a few more minutes and decide to continue this lovely moment later tonight. Ana smiles and is about to leave her partner when she gets an SMS. Lucky for her, the school is closed for the rest of the day, so Ana can do everything she wants to Mary nobody will stop them. Ana slides her juicy tongue inside Mary’s mouth and both of their tongues dance like there is no tomorrow.

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Added on: May 12, 2020

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