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Alix Lynx, Alex Coal A-Freud Of The Truth


When Alex Coal arrives at her new therapist’s office, she’s relieved to finally be getting the help she needs to deal with her everyday stress. When she meets Dr. Alix Lynx, she seems like a confident, approachable woman, and Alex settles in to bare her soul. However, it quickly becomes apparent that they’re NOT on the same wavelength… As Alix questions her, especially about her dating life, Alex starts to get suspicious. It seems like everything Alix is asking is pointing towards her liking girls! When Alex calls Alix out on this, Alix doesn’t seem bothered. In fact, she keeps pressing the issue, insisting that a lot of Alex’s insecurity and stress comes from repressing her true sexuality. Nothing could be further from the truth but Alex doesn’t know how to convince Alix otherwise! Finally, fed up and in denial, Alex insists that this professional relationship isn’t going to work out. Even so, Alix still seems determined to get Alex to realize that she’s a lesbian. As part of the therapy, she wants Alex to discover that side of her and embrace it by having sex with her! Although Alex is shocked, she gives in… just to prove to her therapist that she’s NOT a lesbian! But when Alix starts cupping her breasts and eating out her pussy, Alex finally has an exciting and erotic revelation: maybe she IS lesbian after all!

Actors: Alex Coal, Alix Lynx
Tags: A-Freud, Of, The, Truth
Added on: June 7, 2020

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