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Christie Stevens, Gia Derza Catching Mommy Sneaking


Gia Derza is impatiently waiting in the living room, not looking very pleased at all. Suddenly, her step-mom, Christie Stevens, all dressed up for a night out, sneaks in through the front door. With her shoes off, she tries to quietly tip-toe through the living room but Gia catches and confronts her. What was her step-mom doing out past curfew?? Christie is sheepish as she makes up lie after lie, but Gia isn’t impressed. Finally, Gia gets Christie to admit that she was out clubbing with friends. Although Gia’s dad treats her well, there’s just some things that he CAN’T give Christie, so that’s why she was on the prowl! Gia is shocked but then quickly becomes mischievous as she realizes that she can use this to her advantage… She asks Christie what she’s willing to give her in exchange for her silence. Christie tries offering a bigger allowance, permission to borrow the car whenever she wants, a shopping spree… but it’s not enough. No, it seems Gia wants HER! Although Christie’s surprised, she easily gives in when Gia playfully promises that she can give Christie EVERYTHING her dad can’t! The night gets steamy as they come together for a hot kiss. Christie can’t hold back any longer as she takes off her step-daughter’s shorts and dives into her pussy. Maybe Christie will have to get caught by Gia more often!

Added on: December 14, 2020

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