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Delilah Day Part 2


Today is Part 2 of 22 year-old country girl Delilah Day and her partner in corruption Maddy May. Part 1, is the hot a steamy car sex & intro that wet all our whistles for this infectious Southern belle who’s just begging to be corrupted. Go check it out first because you need to witness these two hotties in the car and just how much naughtiness Jay and Maddy showered our little Delilah with. And yes Maddy got hers the next day which was so fucking hot we just had to keep them both over an extra day so Delilah could lick her first pussy ever. Oh yeah, these two have not hooked up yet or explored each others’ bodies either. It’s such a shame to think these two have not parted the tender folds or tasted the sweetness of each others’ flowers yet. Blasphemy I say and SO sad. But oh yeah, it happened on this trip and it’s so fucking hot so don’t fret Steve’s here to make it happen. Keep an eye out for this update coming soon. Lets just say corruption abounded in Part 1, but the hotel sex is what really fogged up the windows of this sexcapade. So things start off with a little interview of Delilah on the ExCoGi hotel room bed looking all hot and special as we find out more sexual adventures this Southern belle has experienced. And where’s porn mom Maddy? Hanging out for moral support and even helps out with production of this epic corrupting of little Delilah, and she’s damn good at it too! I know Maddy’s here to suck and fuck her way to the top, but these two newbies to the Jizz Bizz got skills. Delilah is sexy as fuck as she sucks Jay’s thick hard cock in a sloppy BJ that every girl should strive to give to her man if she wants to keep him happy. And did I say she has the sexiest fuck face ever? Well she does cuz she likes it slow and passionate and Jay gives it to her right, fucking that sweet pussy till she’s sore and can’t walk straight for a few days. Then there’s Maddy who’s a close tie as to who is better at fucking I tell you. But the real surprise was how good Maddy is behind the camera, which is her real end-game she confessed. I must say she’s pretty damn good at it too. Might have to hire her to corrupt a few more newbies in later ExCoGi scenes with cameras skills like that and an attitude and rocking body to boot with a zest for sex you don’t find in too many girls these days. But this is Delilah’s day and I predict that Delilah is the next big star on the horizon with her smooth as silk skin, toned body and perky as fuck titties. I say she is every guy’s type and well worth the wait of Part 2. Yes these girls are sexy and refreshing, illustrating why Southern girls are fun as fuck to get down with and know how to treat a man right. So if you haven’t primed your pumper with Part 1 go do it now. Then grab your lube or favorite mechanical device, don’t want to leave out the lovely ladies watching, and enjoy Delilah Day’s Exploration of Corruption Part 2. The movie, by sexy porn mom Maddy May and stud the JJay. Happy fapping or vibrating everybody!

Actors: Delilah Day
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Added on: July 20, 2020

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