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Eliza Ibarra She Wants Him


As soon as Eliza Ibarra and Charles Dera came together for a big hug and a kiss, you could feel how much they cared about each other, that there was history there.

When we asked Eliza why she chose Charles for the She Wants Him project, she gushed about how sexy and primal Charles is – how he always maintains such intense eye contact. But she also raved that Charles has a pure heart and is true to himself, so not only is he handsome but he’s genuinely a good person, too!

Charles seemed moved by her words, and I swear that was an extra shine to his eyes. When Eliza mentioned that the sex they’ve had before was so passionate, Charles insisted it’s because she brings that out in him – Eliza is just so sweet and sincere. Another thing that really hits home for Charles is how she never shies away from his direct eye contact. He’s used to women shying away from him but Eliza doesn’t, which makes her even more special to him.

You could absolutely see that these two were caught up in the moment and ready to pounce, so it was time to set them loose. With all this talk about eye contact, once these two wonderful people get hot and heavy together, it’s going to be impossible to look away!
-Bree Mills

Actors: Eliza Ibarra
Added on: June 18, 2020

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