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ExploitedCollegeGirls River Lynn


River Lynn you can let your whore flag fly here and wave it proudly you hot piece of ass. That’s right everyone and I don’t think since either top rated Blake Blossom, Winter Bell or Amber Moore has a girl lit up the ExCoGi bedroom brighter than today’s fresh as fuck Exploit. Let me tell you something you’re going to find out once you start watching and spanking to this girl’s video. She’s one fine thing with all the right natural curves, spectacularly cute pussy, perfectly perky natural titties and has one of the most unbelievably smoking hot voluptuous asses I’ve seen that just begs to be spanked when pounded from behind. She also has a great down to earth personality that I think is close enough to perfect “guy thinking” who just wants to fuck. And let me tell you something else. This is the most rare of all traits to find in a hottie with a great body. Finding a girl this hot and down to earth, who also just wants to fuck and is down to try EVERYTHING, but hasn’t tried ANYTHING yet is more elusive than stumbling upon sasquatch. Jake is one lucky fuck today and quite frankly so are all of you to be blessed with her first sex on camera. Now we find out that River was brought up in a Southern Baptist family were she couldn’t express her sexuality openly, which explains why she’s not a total whore yet. You see (and these are her words people not mine) she’s just an admitted “whore in training,” who’s down for whatever and just wants to have great sex. We hear this a lot from the girls with strict religious parents when they show up to take it all off and suck dick on camera. Are you listening mom and dad? When you suppress basic natural overwhelming human urges they will always resurface later on; and when they do, the more they were suppressed? The bigger and stronger the pussy tsunami that floods out, and River is no exception to this rule. So I bet you think River’s some super nymph who’s been fucking everything that moves from how I’ve been describing her right? Wrong. River’s been there and done that song and dance with her fare share of one night stand fraternity boys and in her own words said this. “Those frat boys are not as good at sex as they claim to be.” Well there’s a no shocker for you, and she claims to of had more than her fare share of 3 pump wonders and is done with frat/college boys. Well SWING is what I thought too and our little River loves fucking girls we all assume! Well that’s partly true you see. River knows she likes girls because she watches a lot of Lesbian porn and masturbates to it all the time, along with bondage, and a lot of fucked up rough shit she says LOL. What I think you are River is Bi- curious and for sure all this unreleased sexual energy is such a huge turn on for us all. If you fast forward through this interview you are missing a lot because the kind of fucked up sexual shit this girl is into, but hasn’t tried yet, means some day she’ll make the perfect girlfriend or wife to some ungrateful bozo. And when asked if she’d ever fuck a married guy she said she did once but won’t do it again unless his wife joins in. SWING! Remember everyone. All this is coming out of a 20 year old’s mouth that hasn’t had sex or an orgasm in over 2 months [scratched record sound] yep! 2 months, and now I’ve finally heard my real life experience that I know would make into Penthouse Forum. Now I can go on and on and tell you that River finally experiences that real proper fucking of a lifetime today that’s been so elusive to her since she lost her virginity. Or tell you that she has multiple orgasms back to back to back to back, but unlike the energizer bunny that keeps going and going; River keeps cumming and cumming and cumming. It’s actually quite spectacular to watch one orgasm after another flow into each other and she tells us afterward that normally she would have tapped out way before the third position or after her second orgasm. But as she newly classified herself during her post shoot confessional, “I’m a badass bitch now and I could take it,” and she’s so glad she let Jake take her for what was a proper fucking of a lifetime. You know I have to admit that sometimes things are just so in tune that it must be because the planets are in alignment or some shit like that, or it’s that the sex gods must be smiling down at me because today was just one of those days. So without further ado here’s River Lynn and you’re all welcome.

Actors: River Lynn
Added on: July 2, 2021

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