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Frida Sante Submission


Sometimes we all need to lose control. Uma is a strong, independent woman – but deep down she fantasises about allowing a man to truly dominate her. Slipping into The Cube, she selects a virtual reality scenario all about power and submission, and finds herself wearing a black skin-tight catsuit. Playing a sexy game of cat-and-mouse with her fantasy lover, Uma quickly surrenders and begs to be disciplined. Dominating her completely, Uma’s mystery man restrains her wrists above her head, leaving her unable to fight as he peels off her catsuit and tastes her pussy. Shaking, Uma moans as she finally gives in to her primal needs, letting him slide deep inside and fuck her hard. We love the creative camera angles in this scene; Frida Sante looks unbelievable! By

Actors: Frida Sante
Tags: Submission
Added on: April 7, 2020

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