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Ginebra Bellucci My first BBC adventure


After visiting the city, Ginebra arrived in front of the horny hostel. She suddenly remembered what her girlfriend told her: the hottest guys can be found in hostels. So Ginebra decided to enter and book a bed, with a sexy backpacker in her head. Since the old guy from the reception wasn’t someone worth mentioning, she took her key, went to the room and the surprise made her bloom: a hot black muscle guy on the upper bed, ready to take a shower and make her wet. So she went to have a sneak peek, started masturbating and grabbed him by the dick. Went back to the room and deepthroated his big black cock that was hard as a rock. Jesus took her clothes off and fucked her naughty pussy rough, in and out. She loved how he ripped her hairy pussy deep, moaned and screamed so sweet until his cum ended on her nasty tits, then she deepthroated him so wild.

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Added on: May 25, 2021

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