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Jenna Fox RepoMan Episode 2


As a naked Jenna (Jenna Foxx) readies herself for work, she hears a commotion outside. Peering out her window, she sees a rugged, good-looking tow-truck driver (Tommy Gunn) preparing to tow-away her Jeep. A panicked Jenna wraps herself in a towel and runs outside to plead with the truck driver. The RepoMan is eager to “work something out” so Jenna agrees to do whatever it takes. This highly motivated sexy slut works his huge thick cock, giving it all she’s got; sloppy sucking and hard fucking, until RepoMan shoots his load all over her tits. Jenna licks his cock clean, skillfully satisfying her “end-of-the-bargain”. Now, can the RepoMan be trusted to do the right thing?

Actors: Jenna Fox
Tags: 2, Episode, RepoMan
Added on: June 2, 2020

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