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Joy Exploited College Girls


After watching this scene of the rough and unforgiving ass pounding Jake gives to our presumably unsuspecting exploitee today, all I can say is: “You can’t judge a book by its cover.” When I first gazed my eyes on 18-year-old Joy, I thought how wholesome is this girl? What I didn’t expect was what she said at the end of the shoot. “I didn’t do anything new today except have my first orgasm from anal”, said nonchalantly. Wasn’t expecting that. I say that a few times here. Yes Joy has taken cock up her ass twice before today, but none as big as our man Jake’s. I guarantee that. But wow! What a scene. I mean if you’re into wholesome looking, book smart, debate team teens that look like they’re virgins getting their tight assholes used and fully dominated while they scream loudly in presumable pain? Then yeah, you’ll love this scene. I wasn’t sure if she was enjoying this or not but trust me she likes being used. As I joined into the fun and used the Hitachi on her quivering pink pussy and Jake made her rim his ass, she declared she likes being used by strangers and feeling degraded. Wow! Again I was not expecting that, but it makes my dick hard I got to admit. Joy is the quiet type and most of her responses are short or one-word answers to our interview questions so you’ll understand why we got strait to the sex in this one. Things start out innocently enough with some toy play and then BJ. “I’ll try to deep throat”, explained Joy after she gagged on Jake’s cock then said she’s prone to throwing up. Well, lets see if you are. We want you to push your limits honey. Not sure if we accomplished that because I was fully expecting her to yell out her safe word numerous times during this shoot, but she was down for everything and took it like a trooper. Anyways, once it was time to prep Joy’s ass we found out just how tight it was and the theme of today’s scene is Straight-To-The-ASS. Yes Jake avoided her baby-making hole after she admitted that a week ago some yahoo palooka just rammed his cock up her with no regard for checking the wetness of the diving pool and tore her. Idiots. You young fucks out there need to wake up and understand that it’s a person you’re fucking and if you want these young girls to call you again you need to focus on things other than your own Neanderthal selves. Well know that ALL is explained why this girl agreed to an ANAL ONLY scene, Jake became an astronaut and focused on Uranus Joy and had a blast doing it. Just remember, YOU ASKED FOR THIS and I’m surprised she was able to take it as well and as long as she did. But like the trooper she is, at the end of this anal reaming she had a smile on her face and stated she wanted to do it again and wants to have more anal in her personal life. Just avoid idiot yahoos Joy. But good job Jake, there is a proper way to ravage a new-to-anal young girl’s asshole so she’ll want more. Was not expecting her to want more either. As Forest Gump once said, ExCoGi shoots are like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’ll get and Joy was exactly that. We thought Joy would be a shy unadventurous girl and shy away from the rough anal pounding we had in store for her. But once Jake took a bite of this sweetie, she was like a cherry filled nougat center and she was a JOY to ride.

Actors: Joy
Added on: May 4, 2020

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