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Kali Sudhra First Position


Ballet teacher Alicia may be strict, but her unorthodox methods always get results. In a private session with student Olivier, Alicia showcases her harshest teaching technique: challenging him to hold First Position without moving a muscle. Performing an incredible striptease just inches from him, Alicia gives Olivier a sharp ‘thwack!’ with her riding crop every time he hungrily twitches towards her. Losing control, Olivier gives up – knowing that as punishment Alicia will have him exactly how she wants him. Binding him with an intricate silk rope harness, she finally allows him to taste her before sliding down on top of his hardness. Finally Alicia finally frees her submissive from bondage and allows him more control, lying back to experience wave after wave of pleasure. It’s pretty clear Olivier earned his A+! By www.joybear.com.

Actors: Kali Sudhra
Tags: First, Position
Added on: July 15, 2020

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