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Kay Carter G265


Remember that sexy, see-through top from Kay’s interview? It was pretty revealing then, but now it’s become nearly translucent under the bright lights of the pedestal. Her big, natural areolas and her artsy tattoo under her boobs shine right through before that barely there top finally disappears (it doesn’t take that long). Eddie is the first to go down on Kay to GREET THE PLEATS, followed by Chris before all the FIVE COCKSMEN start diving into her with their rods. As they lick her, they try to guess Kay’s favorite liquor. Chris quickly figures her for a rum girl and wins the game. Well done, Mr. Cock. He elects to concentrate on Kay’s sensitive nipples while Mr. Jaye makes the first jump into her soft, pink bits. It turns out Kay was a black belt martial artist, so she can really take a pounding. No wonder she does so well in her gangbang today! With that pierced tongue of hers, Kay can really keep all her Cocksmen entertained at once: two in her hands, one in her pussy, and one in her mouth. After some serious vibe action in mish, Eddie takes Kay for a standing ride, one of his signature moves we haven’t seen in a while. Next it’s time for a few traditional rides on the pedestal, some cowgirl, some reverse, and even some sidesaddle! As the action really starts to heat up, Kay transitions to the floor as the ‘pies start droppin’. Randy gives her creampie #1 in mish, which inspires Jason to do the same. Eddie is good for creampie #3 with Kay in doggie, while she gets simultaneously spit-roasted with Alex. He even pops again in her face a few minutes later. Wow! Alex gives her the next load in her pussy before Chris makes it FIVE CREAMPIES as he gives her the last one in the prison sex position. Kay said she wasn’t a squirter, but Mr. Denmark proves her wrong when she rides him on the floor and gets everything wet with a little help from the wand. Chris tops her off with one more facial before Kay’s gangbang ends with a Kodak moment of all the Cocksmen around her. She has been thoroughly FUCKED, FILLED, AND FED by her men today. What should we do next time if Kay comes back? She said she likes it in the butt. If that’s something you want to see, give us your comments down below and we’ll see what we can do. Her performance today will be hard for her to beat, but we think she has it in her. She certainly had a lot in her today! Come back next week to see who might try to take the creampie crown from Kay. No matter who it is, it’s always a good time on GangbangCreampie.com!

Actors: Kay Carter
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Added on: July 25, 2020

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