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Kendra James, MJ Fresh Wonder Woman Falls For Ivy


As Poison Ivy is lounging in her lair plotting her next devious heist, Wonder Woman bursts in and threatens to take the poisonous plant to Arkham. Ivy simply laughs and sprays the newest seduction serum concoction in her face rendering the superheroine helpless. The Amazon’s eyes flutter and she falls back limp. Ivy takes the opportunity to fondle the heroine’s weakened body, running her hands over the Amazon’s breast and between her legs before removing her boots and sniffing her feet. When Wonder Woman finally comes to, she’s tied up with the villainess’s indestructible vine ropes and completely unable to struggle free. Poison Ivy yanks down the heroine’s top, exposing her supple tits before teasing her tight pussy with a vibrator thus further humiliating the amazon princess. Wonder Woman resists, but the seduction spray soon takes over and before long she’s under Ivy’s control and begging for an orgasm.

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Added on: July 13, 2020

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