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Kendra Sunderland TOTM April 2020


Twistys is delighted to announce that the lovely Kendra Sunderland is gracing our page this month. This platinum blonde, busty and bold beauty is sure to get your heart quaking. For her first look, she prances around in a black latex bodysuit that leaves little to your imagination – and, no offense, I doubt your imagination could conjure up someone as perfect as this delectable babe. Wearing black gloves, earthquake inducing high heels and a ponytail so on point it could pop a balloon – she gives the camera absolutely everything she’s got. But don’t think she’s finished with you yet. She’ll be your queen (or your dictator) in her next fit – adorning a black-as-night crown and strappy bodysuit that exposes nearly every inch of her body. For her final look – she wears a long, black dress that shows off her big tits – definitely something you could take this treat out for dinner in. But that dress isn’t staying on for long, because Kendra simply cannot wait to show you just how she plays with her pretty wet pussy. And let’s just say, you’re in for a good time.

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Added on: April 3, 2020

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