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Khloe Kapri Has Her Ass Satisfied


Blonde Khloe Kapri showcases her ass apparatus in this scene from “Sex Machines #2”. “All decked out with someplace to ho”, Khloe’s wearing bright orange lingerie as she performs a long tease that ends up on the sofa. Manuel appears and plants his face between Kapri’s bubbly cheeks. Ferrara flips her over and continues with the oral that Kapri constantly approves with verbal cues. Khloe returns the favor and deep throats Ferrara’s meat missile. She slobbers it up then slides her hairy pussy onto his rod. Manuel grabs her throat as she grinds. Khloe’s able to let out a gurgled “I wanna be a good girl for that cock!”. Kapri spreads her legs and Ferrara places one behind her head and pumps furiously. He puts Khloe in reverse cowgirl and fills her asshole with cock and her pussy with his hand. Then he puts Kapri’s ass to the sky and drills her hole until it produces a massive gape. Miss Khloe drops to her knees and takes an eyeful of Manuel’s jizz…

Actors: Khloe Kapri
Tags: Ass, Has, Her, Satisfied
Added on: December 30, 2020

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