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Kimberly Chi Accidental Sex On Live-Stream


You are not gonna BELIEVE what I recorded the other night!
Okay, I was watching this totally hot gamer chick, KimberlyChi420, streaming her session. So she’s playing, just doing her thing, talking all kinds of smack, schooling all the noobs, when her boyfriend walks in. And I’m thinking, dude get out of the frame, nobody wants to see you – don’t you know we subscribe to sweet Kimberly for one reason, and one reason only??! lolol But anyway, turns out BF wants some attention, like some sexy-type attention haha but he’s butt-hurt when she wants to finish her game. She convinces him to chill out for a minute and dude sits down, all cranky and shit, to wait for Kimberly to finish.
Now stay with me – THIS is where it gets interesting.
Cause when homegirl DOES finish her game, she goes to turn off the stream and get down on her knees to give the BF what he’s been waiting all day for. And me? I am FREAKING out, cause it’s obvious what’s about to happen and guess what?? Gamer girl accidentally DIDN’T turn off the stream lolll!!!

Actors: Kimberly Chi
Added on: June 5, 2020

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