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Kit Mercer Mothers And Stepsons


Kit playfully confronts her spoiled step son Jake about a speeding ticket he received in the mail. He tries to snatch the ticket from her. She takes off down the hall with it while he follows and tackles her on her bed and holds her down. Smiling, she tells him she isn’t his sister. He can’t just pin her down like that. To keep the ticket from him, she stuffs it down her pants. This doesn’t stop Jake. He rips off her pants, removes the ticket, and starts lapping at her pussy. She spreads her legs wide so he can stick his tongue deep into her waiting hole. When she is nice and wet he shoves his long, thick cock into her tight cunt. His cock is so much bigger than his father’s and it’s hitting her in all the right places. She flips over and gets onto so he can pump her little pussy from every directions while her thick tits bounce with his thrusts. Each time her quivering pussy cums on his cock he gets a little harder until she eventually squeezes out every last ounce of spunk from him.

Actors: Kit Mercer
Added on: May 10, 2020

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