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Kyler Quinn Just A Harmless Prank


Ok, so, I don’t know WHO posted this video I’m sharing with you but you have GOT to watch it.
So you know that cute chick Kyler who does that prank show where she goes into random people’s houses that leave their doors unlocked and leaves weird little items for them? Yeah, TOTALLY stupid show I know loll but trust me, THIS episode is worth watching.
Anyway, in this clip, she goes to this one house and when she sees that the door’s unlocked she goes inside. She creeps around the house a bit, does her usual boring spiel loll and leaves this weird stuffed animal thing on the coffee table.
Now HERE’S where it goes full WTF.
Cause the owner of the house –this big scary dude — is actually HOME! He sees Kyler and yells at her like wtf are you doing in my house blah blah?? The guy threatens to call the cops and she is FREAKING out cause she’s 18 and doesn’t want to go to jail and shit. So this dude, TOTAL boss hahaha, tells her that he won’t call the cops, but only…
…wait for it…
…ONLY if she fucks him LMAOOO!!
I know, right?! And what actually happens after that is TOTALLY insane!
Anyway, don’t take my word for it, check it out yourself. You’re welcome haha!

Actors: Kyler Quinn
Tags: A, Harmless, Just, Prank
Added on: May 13, 2020

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