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Kylie Le Beau, Casey Kisses We Like Girls


Crushes and high-chemistry pairings are fun to watch, yes, but there’s nothing quite like seeing two women who are actually in love! Casey Kisses and her real life partner, Kylie Le Beau, are two such women. They are each other’s rock and have been there for each other through thick and thin. Having such love and support is so important, especially when navigating this often crazy business, and there is clearly no shortage when it comes to these two wonderful ladies. Although Casey is usually so calm and collected, she was nervous that day when she arrived to be part of the We Like Girls project. It was so sweet to see that she still had butterflies for Kylie. In fact, Kylie later admitted to feeling the same way, which made them all the more adorable as a couple in my eyes. During the interview, Casey shared that they first met through a dating app where they instantly fell in love. She thought Kylie was a 10/10 and couldn’t pass up the chance to get to know her better! It was obvious while listening to Casey that she thinks the world of Kylie. When Casey said she couldn’t imagine life without Kylie in it, I had no trouble believing it. After we did their makeup and interviews, we finally let Casey and Kylie be reunited. As soon as they saw each other, both wearing matching pink lingerie, they lit up, coming together to share sensual kisses. Once we finished a quick photoshoot, we let them loose to do what they do best: love each other.

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Added on: May 27, 2020

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