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Laney Grey My Best Friend Stole My Girlfriend


Jake Adams is resting on the couch when Laney Grey walks by. She didn’t know that Jake – her boyfriend’s best friend – would be there. She rouses him and his eyes flutter open. He apologizes for surprising her. He’s visiting from out of town and arrived early, so he just let himself in. Laney says it’s ok as she tidies up the room a bit. When she bends over in front of him, Jake can’t help but look at her juicy ass. When she’s finished cleaning up, Laney sits down next to Jake and things immediately get flirty. They haven’t got much time – since Laney’s boyfriend will be back from the gym any minute – but you can bet that they’re gonna take advantage of every second they have!

Actors: Laney Grey
Added on: January 21, 2021

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