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Layna Landry Social Distancing With Dr Fauci


Dr Fauci makes a house call to a horny quarantined slut with an important message: social distancing is critical to containing the spread of the COVID-19 virus and the government is (shockingly!) here to help fulfill any needs I have in order to continue self quarantining. Well, that’s easy. I need a manicure, and some dick, and the CDC is allllll out of gel polish. It just so happens that Dr Fauci has EXACTLY the kind of special apparatus necessary to help meet my needs while maintaining the mandated 6 foot distance until I squirt all over the floor… protective measures against the coronavirus never looked so good. tags: blonde babe pole dancing twerk twerking comedy parody funny celebrity dr fauci CDC coronavirus covid covid19 pandemic social distancing PPE ventilator n95 flexible dildo pole stretch closeup doggy POV multiple angles reality stretching pretzel bendy girl hot sexy weird crazy ridiculous squirting hazmat safe sex quarantine government ad libs booty big ass thick thighs heels pleasers long legs housecall roleplay medical science hitachi vibrator squirt

Actors: Layna Landry
Added on: July 16, 2020

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