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Lena Paul – The Maid’s Dirty Secret [Brazzers Exxtra]


Lena Paul is Alex Legend’s housekeeper, but instead of humming while she works, she is obsessed with talking dirty. As Lena cleans the kitchen with Alex spying on her, she starts to talk dirty while she scrubs with her soapy sponge. Unable to contain himself, Alex sneaks into the kitchen and hides his phone with the recording device on so he can capture what Lena is saying. Alex takes his phone and sneaks off to the bathroom, where he starts to play the recording of Lena dirty talking as he masturbates. Lena, though, was planning to clean the bathroom next, and as she approaches the door, she’s stunned to hear her own voice and see Alex with his cock out.

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Actors: Lena Paul
Added on: September 3, 2021

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