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Liv Wild Sexy New Starlet Liv Wild Is A Dirty Talker


At first glance Liv Wild might seem like a harmless pretty young thing. But once she opens her dirty little mouth, Manuel finds out she’s not so harmless. Tiny Wild’s words pack a wallop as she begs Ferrara to fondle her goodies. Wild is decked out in a bikini made up of black leather straps. Her bullet-like nipples poke out of some gold rings. She quickly removes her tits and asks Manuel to play with them. After a long tease, Liv gets Manuel’s cock in her hands. She lubes it up with her spit, pleased that she creates a squishy sound when jacking. Next is a closeup of Wild’s pussy. She slowly inserts it and gently slides on side-saddle. She rides it in cowgirl, then jumps off to “taste their sex”. After a lengthy reverse cowgirl, Manuel gets Miss Wild in doggie. Her round bubble but can barely contain Manuel’s meat. He likes it though and delivers an eye full of glamour glue that surprises Liv, and causes her to smile…

Actors: Liv Wild
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Added on: July 19, 2020

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