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Mandy Flores Possession Spell Trilogy


Part1: You are police detective Mandy, going to a suspect’s house to ask him some questions about a recent murd3r. The suspect answers the door to come face to face with you. You say you’d like to talk to him about a recent murd3r. The suspect starts to panic and he starts to realize that you already know that he was the murd3erer. That’s when he gets desperate and uses a possession spell that he found online to take over you. He initiates the spell when you go to arrest him and make contact with his skin. It causes you to convulse and spasm until you [email protected] out. You wake up only to realize that he is in complete control of your body. He is now in complete shock that the spell actually worked. He takes his previous body , which you are in now and drags it off to tie it up. Then he uses his time to do some role-play and get “acquainted” with his new body before he has to go back to doing “her” job.* Part 2: Now that you are in Mandy’s body you decided to visit her house. You walk in and start exploring your new house and body. You realize how weird it feels to have a bunch of guys ogling you. You pass by a mirror and notice how pretty your face is. You also notice how different your hands are now that you are a woman. Next, you find Mandy’s bedroom. In there you find her closet and go through her underwear drawer. You comment on how it’s gonna be very different wearing women’s clothes. You then start talking to the reflection in the mirror as if it’s the real Mandy once again. You say “why did you waste your time being a cop when you could make so much more money doing other things with this body…I could be a stripper or a cam girl.” So you try on a couple of outfits. You try a really sexy tight hugging dress with sexy heels. Next, you put on the sexiest lingerie you have with garter and stockings. You can’t help but start to play with yourself again. You begin noticing all the new sensations, how different it is now that you are a woman. Then you find a toy in Mandy’s drawer and start to use it. So many sensations you have never felt before! You finally experience an orgasm and you think I can go again in this body. I hadn’t really planned on being a woman but I think I’m gonna like it….a lot! Part 3: We see you experience your second major orgasm as a female using the large dildo you found in her drawer. You take a deep breath and smile with a sinister laugh. You have now come to the conclusion that having sex inside a hot female body is FAR better than any sex you ever had as a man! As a matter of a fact, you say, “Man, these fucking female hormones are racing through this body of those 2 orgasms! No wonder this bitch has all those hot outfits in her closets!!! She loves sex! No, wait a minute! SHE doesn’t love sex ………ANYMORE! Because she’s in jail! I LOVE SEX NOW! This is MY body! This is MY house! Those clothes in that closet are MY clothes! I AM DETECTIVE MANDY FLORES! FUCK YEA!” You then go to put the big dildo back into the drawer and see a picture of a hot guy. Hormones racing you are interested in who this is. On the back of the photo it says, “to my love! Detective Mandy Flores. I love you! Tommy” Mandy’s phone rings and it reads on the screen: “Tommy”. You answer and it is her boyfriend. He is back in town after a trip and cannot wait to come over and see her! You stumble at first, but then get right into character, realizing this is the detective’s boyfriend! You get excited, letting him know it is ok to come over. You prepare for your “boyfriend”, who is coming over to see you after being away for a few weeks. He told you on the phone he got a call from some prisoner in jail that you arrested who says he is you and you stole his body??!!!! You assure him on the phone you will explain this crazy person, but you really cannot explain how “he” got Tommy’s phone number. You get a little nervous that maybe the real Detective Flores may have told him things that only “she” would know!!! BUT, you get a great idea! You decide to dress sexy as hell and give him the best sex he has ever had, this way all those “crazy” things “prisoner Mandy” told him will go away! You now walk into your closet and discover your platform black boot platforms. You put them on and get really impressed with yourself in the mirror. You laugh diabolically because you know there is no way you are EVER giving back this body. You put on a lace bra and panties and that’s when the doorbell rings. It’s now time to enjoy this body, have great sex, convince your boyfriend he has nothing to worry about, and finally settle into your new body and sex once and for all!!!!

Actors: Mandy Flores
Added on: April 9, 2021

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