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[ManuelFerrara] Jane Wilde (Gets Her Ass Fucked Raw / 10.29.2020)


Jane Wilde can barely contain herself in this scene from Raw #40. Jane is tiny but she makes up for it with her nonstop sexual energy. Spread out naked on the bed in a hotel, Miss Wilde awaits Manuel. He arrives and starts playing with her “puffy pussy”. Manuel seems to think it’s perfect and he should know. He dives down and starts pleasing Jane to the point that she hops on his rod. Ferrara pounds her tight hole from underneath, then he folds her over and rides some more while she grabs her ankles. The savage lets Manuel rean her bunghole, gaping proudly. Her puts her face smack dab into the lens of his camera and drills from behind. Jane jumps back and slithers on his pole, her hairy puss front and center. Manuel finally takes a seat and makes a deposit allowing Jane a chance to show off a pool of cum in her mouth…

Actors: Jane Wilde
Tags: Ass, Fucked, Gets, Her, Raw!
Added on: October 30, 2020

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