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Mia Martinez What’s Fair Is Fair…


I guess my stepsister didn’t like that I took a picture of her on the toilet! I thought it was funny, but Mia was pissed to say the least…
We have to make this fair bro
It’s not a big deal! Don’t be so uptight
You can’t just take a naked picture of me! I’m your sister!
Then I’ll delete it! Is that what you want?
No, I want to take a picture of you… pull down your pants
Woah what?!
Did my sister seriously just tell me to take my pants off in front of her? I’m not sure how, but she manipulated me into letting her snap a pic of my cock. I was so embarassed as she bent down to take a high res picture of my junk.. But now we both have each other’s nudes. Not something that most stepsiblings would do.. I go into my room and no more than 5 minutes pass before sis is knocking on my door!
I have a better idea, can we make a deal?
What are you talking about?
Let’s delete these pictures, right now
Ok… Why are you acting so weird?
Don’t judge me.. but can I can see it again?
See what again?
Your dick?
I tell my stepsister to get out of my room, I swore she was just messing with me. But Mia was serious, she genuinely wanted a look at my cock again! Apparently it’s the biggest she’s ever seen.. That definietly boosted my ego a bit, but this is kind of innapropriate.
Sis, I’m not really comfortable with this
I’ll show you something first if you want
-My little stepsister lifts her top, and puts her hand down her pants. She’s starts rubbing herself, obviously getting turned on.. Is this really happening right now?-
Wow your tits are really nice
Thanks, your cock is really nice… Show it to me
Watch my stepsister stare-open mouthed when she sees my huge dick again. She crawls onto bed with me and asks if she can suck it.. I’m not going to turn down a blowjob! Sis sticks out her tongue, and guides my cock into her mouth. Sis sucks my cock like it’s the best thing she’s ever had in her mouth. I feel her spit roll down my balls, her hand stroking me with her mouth on the tip of my dick. She bobs her head up and down, shoving me deeper down her throat. The way my step sis gags on my massive cock is so sexy, I know she’ll drain me of all my cum in no time.. I love watching my stepsister cum all over my dick as she rides me, I could tell she never had a man fill her up quite like I can. And that’s exactly what I did – I came deep in my stepsister’s pussy. When I pulled out, the thick juices were pushed out by her pulsating cunt

Actors: Mia Martinez
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Added on: May 23, 2020

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