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Nyomi Star No Need To Be Shy


Ricky Spanish shyly walks into Nyomi Star’s house with her at the end of their date. Nyomi is confident and outgoing while Ricky is shyer but obviously smitten. Ricky only looks more and more lovestruck as he struggles to talk to her without getting flustered. Ricky awkwardly wishes her a good night and immediately turns around to leave. Nyomi is surprised and stops him, insisting that he stay. Ricky is stunned, as though he doesn’t believe what he’s just heard. Nyomi playfully rolls her eyes and grins seductively as she leads him into her bedroom. He is still very uncertain, stumbling over himself. He rambles about how he really didn’t expect the date to go this far… most girls are turned off by his geekiness. Especially girls as cool and beautiful as her. Nyomi smirks and says on the contrary, she finds it cute – as she starts undressing him. It’s clear she has sex on her mind, although Ricky is secretly worried about pleasing her. Nyomi’s confused when he keeps squirming and seemingly fighting the urges. After some hesitation, and some more prodding, Ricky admits to being a virgin and being afraid of disappointing her. Nyomi is relieved and reassures him that there’s no need to be shy…she’s going to teach him EVERYTHING he needs to know about pleasing a woman…

Actors: Nyomi Star
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Added on: June 5, 2020

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