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Puma Swede Banana And Carrot Self Fuck


Hi all, Puma here, it’s been a while but I’m here for you & I’m ready to have fun in the kitchen! First of all I have on way too much clothes & I need to take some of it off! I’m just going to kick this fucking dress I’m wearing to the side. Once upon a time in realty I was once a hot house wife, but I was always a little too slutty, so I had a back up plan, like doing porn! Truth is, the reason I do porn is cause I like the free dick & pussy I get! Wait, wait, let me stop, this is not why we are here today! We are here today cause today its time for the Puma Swede cooking show! You know the bullshit they say, the closest way to ones heart is through food or something like that. You know fuck that the fastest way to ones heart is a good cock pounding! Let me just do here what I know how to do & that’s have tons of fun with his banana & carrot, one for my asshole & one for my pussy!

Actors: Puma Swede
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Added on: July 18, 2020

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