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Reagan Foxx, Jay Taylor Doctor Fever


Reagan Foxx is feeling randy and in need of a little relief. Since she has a medical fetish, the realer the better, she soon grabs her computer and does some browsing. There HAS to be SOMETHING floating around online that hits all the right buttons for her… She eventually finds a series of webinars by Dr. Jay Taylor, which intrigues Reagan. The first video is about doing a self breast examination, which has Reagan glued to the screen as Dr. Taylor cups and massages her own breasts. While the doctor is nothing but professional, Reagan becomes more and more aroused with each passing second… Meanwhile, the second video is about giving a self rectal exam. As Dr. Taylor pulls down her pants and presents her ass, Reagan moans with need. As she mimics what Dr. Taylor does on screen, she even starts talking dirty to herself to REALLY set the mood. Finally, the third video is all about female masturbation, which is EXACTLY what Reagan needs to top off this erotic fantasy! As she eagerly plays with her pussy along with Dr. Taylor, bringing herself to a mindblowing orgasm, it’s everything Reagan could ever have hoped for and more! Who knew education could be THIS fun?

Added on: June 20, 2020

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