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Rebecca Vanguard G264


This week’s gangbang is off to an extra peppy start, thanks to high energy “hype-man” Chris Cock introducing the lovely Rebecca on the pedestal. Chris continues to talk her up with his lips on hers as he licks Rebecca into a frenzy while he GREETS THE PLEATS. Her pussy lips are already full and swollen in anticipation of taking FIVE COCKSMEN and all of their creampies. Eddie jumps in first with his shaft for the first round inside Rebecca’s tight pinkness. Alex swerves in with his curve next before the rest of the Cocksmen all take their turns. Notice how Rebecca gets goosebumps as she gets more and more turned on (thanks high-def cameras). The bumps pop up from head-to-toe on her long, sensuous body. Those toes also tremble each time she cums. Remember in her interview how she said she has trouble reaching orgasms? Apparently fucking five guys at once is the solution to her problem. We lost count of how many times Rebecca’s bell got rung. She showed us what a champion deep-throater she is during her session of GREET THE MEAT, but we only get more evidence here as she swallows Will and the rest of the Cocksmen whole. However, now she’s doing it while she has another dick inside her. What a multitasker! Each of the Cocksmen give Rebecca a shuddering “O” before the creampies start filling her up. After some spirited rides and even some wall-fucking, Chris drops the first load in Rebecca in s’mish. It comes cascading out like a waterfall, leaving enough on the bench for Rebecca to lick up so nothing goes to waste. Eddie is good for ‘pie #2 as the loads start stacking up inside Rebecca in quick succession. Next it’s pile-drivers in front of the chair before Alex and Randy drop a double-decker creampie in Rebecca. Both loads come streaming out like waterfalls too before Will puts creampie #5 on top of all the other cumshots she has been gathering. Eddie gets honorable mention for a bonus load on Rebecca’s face too. She wraps up her time on the pedestal by shooting her FIVE CREAMPIES out of her pussy at the camera with some impressive results. A photo op ends this very special episode of where we invite Rebecca back for more. What do you want to see if she returns? More guys? More creampies? Butt stuff? Tell us in the comments below. We (and Rebecca) will be reading them as we get ready to gangbang another hottie next week on!

Added on: July 19, 2020

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