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Rhea Radford HotMILFsFuck


So for today’s MILF we have Rhea’s of sunshine and these rays are shining in abundance for all of you because this girl loves sex and her smile gives away just how nervous she is for her first sex on camera. So how much does our newbie love sex you ask? Well when asked how many guys she’s fucked she just giggles and declares “hundreds,” and she’s damn proud of it. I’m betting it’s a number closer to 999 than 100, but that’s just a hunch. She also claims in her post shot confessional that she’s addicted to cum and just loves to make “people” cum. Yes people and not just guys because Rhea’s just as much into girls as guys and claims she just loves sex with everyone. You’ll notice Rhea makes a lot of statements that can be open to interpretation and we’re just running with it as we help this girl make up for lost time since she started her sexing so late in life. So Rhea claims to be this super sexual girl and declares she’s always been REALLY horny and started masturbating very young. We didn’t ask what age because I was a little afraid of the number, but I’ll just let everyone’s mind wonder with that statement as well. Remember, the mind is the biggest sex organ we have and fantasizing is the best aphrodisiac. Well for how sexual this girl is she sure waited to lose her virginity until the tender age of 19 and once she started having good sex, the floodgates opened and the little whore that’s in every red-blooded girl was released. Like I said, making up for lost time. So what kind of sex is or newbie into? Well here’s a no shocker. Rhea’s into rough sex and doing “everything” with all kinds of people she states and once again I’ll let your mind wonder with that statement as well. “I’m into ALL kinds of sex. I’m into everything,” she says and we love that about her. Another fun fact about Rhea is she’s also a part of the growing trend of having her boyfriend’s stamp of approval for her first sexual experience on camera. “We have an open relationship if you couldn’t tell” she says with a smile, and thanks buddy for lending us your girlfriend and her holes for the day. Jake’s going to take full advantage of the situation and he’s sure to fill all her needs with pleasure. She just needs cock, and what better hands to be in than Jake’s from ExCoGi right? She just can’t get enough of what Jake’s giving and she’s more than happy to let him use her as a little fuck doll today and loved every minute. So sit back and here’s Rhea!

Actors: Rhea Radford
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Added on: June 23, 2021

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