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[RKPrime] Gizelle Blanco (Riding the Table / 10.31.2020)


Horny Gizelle Blanco just wants to ride her dildo in peace. She needs to find a firm surface to stick her toy there, and the kitchen table seems to be the perfect place for that. She makes sure she’s alone in the house and starts masturbating on the table. However, her sister’s boyfriend, Michael Vegas, comes in without knocking. Gizelle tries to hide the fact that she’s riding a dildo, but it becomes obvious to Michael that she’s having way too much fun. The lucky guy quickly finds out about Gizelle’s dirty secret. After the dildo has been revealed, the naughty girl decides it’s a good idea to replace it with Michael’s hard and warm cock.

Actors: Gizelle Blanco
Added on: November 1, 2020

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