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Samantha Mack Dear Diary


Samantha Mack writes in her diary about a hot hook-up she had recently. Samantha is ALWAYS the one in control, using every inch of her body to tease a man until he erupts uncontrollably. But THIS guy wasn’t having any of that. The mystery man was the one in control this time, and Samantha was choked, spanked, and punished…and she loved every minute of it. Reminiscing about the encounter as she continues to write in her diary, Samantha muses that she wishes her boyfriend could fuck her like that. In fact, every time her boyfriend does fuck her, she can’t help but imagine her mystery man’s strong voice inside her head, telling her she can only cum when HE says so. One day, desperate to get fucked like her mystery man fucked her, Samantha approaches her boyfriend wearing some incredibly sexy lingerie, telling him that she wants to try something new. Can he give Samantha what she’s been craving?

Actors: Samantha Mack
Tags: Dear, Diary
Added on: July 19, 2020

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