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Samantha Reigns Luscious babe Samantha Reigns amazing fuck and facia


There is a sweet girl wearing short shorts and is on the phone in the parking lot. Unfortunately, her phone died, and bravely asked if she can borrow one from the driver who is filming her. Samantha Reigns looks so sad as she just lost her job due to the pandemic. Too bad this chick is a foreigner, from the United States and the opportunities are scarce. You can see the desperation with this chick as she talked with the guy on the car and he proposed a quick money-making job to her. She was told that this guy is doing a photoshoot and if she can do a quick modeling job since she got a pretty face and a sexy body. She was definitely not down with this as she is afraid that this might be a bad guy but she says “fuck it!” as she finally agreed as the guys lead her into his studio to begin their collaboration. She toured that big house with a spacious living room. Samantha is pretty amazed by what she sees although she has doubts that she is in the studio. That is why the guy admitted he runs an adult niche, porn for short which caught Samantha Reigns is caught off guard. Surprisingly, this chick is still curious. You can see her leaning towards still getting flirtatious on him. Then she starts getting naked in front of him. This smooth-skinned lady starts showing her luscious white complexion as well as her long legs, showing it off. But the best thing you are going to see from her is once she reveals her small tits and her super pinkish nipples. That is probably the best tits we have ever seen in the perky department. You can hear the guy’s reaction and we probably will react the same thing when she flaunts it in front of your face. Her tits were crazy and we are bracing for her pussy as well. We are pretty sure that it is as delectable as her tits as well and boy we are not wrong. You can see she is super tight and wet already. It looks like she hasn’t had sex for a long time and is craving for a cock. But first, the guy let her borrow the pink vibrator to help her warm-up. She uses it into her pussyslit before drilling it down into her tight pussyhole. She even let the guy finger her clit as well and Samantha is desperate for cock and starts sucking it slow before it gets faster in seconds. Watch how she does a great job with her blowjob despite that big cock. In fact, she uses two hands, jerking it off before she requests if she can get fucked. Watch this chick starts getting that big dick in the doggystyle position. You can see and hear her cunt already soaking wet in the process. The two transition from doggy to the cowgirl position. We wanted to see those magnificent tits on display while feeling that tight pink pussy. It is in the POV, which makes it better. Watch this horny babe work on top as you can see her real cum dripping all over the lucky guy’s shaft. From cowgirl she goes into a reverse cowgirl as she wanted her partner to slap her butt while enjoying her dripping wet cunt. Watch Samantha Reigns’ epic facial reactions as she got screwed in missionary. With her one leg up, you can see her eyes rolling and hear her moans getting louder. It was a real expression from this lady as she got her cherry pop experience. The evidence of her real cum makes it valid. The guy hoped that this will last forever. Unfortunately, he couldn’t control as he cums right into her mouth, dripping it all over her sexy body.

Actors: Samantha Reigns
Added on: May 21, 2020

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