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Sofie Marie G263


It may have been two years and 100 gangbangs since Sofie’s first appearance on the pedestal, but she hasn’t forgotten a thing! Mere seconds after she gets up there, the clothes come off and the dicks get in her hands and mouth. A few Cocksmen’s mouths end up tasting Sofie’s sweet pussy too before they all dive in for a first round inside her. Sofie has SEVEN COCKSMEN to contend with this time, more than the first time, but she doesn’t seem the least bit intimidated. Will is the first Cocksmen this week to stretch Sofie out, but they all make their rounds to see just how good she feels inside. A seasoned MILF, Sofie has no problem keeping her hands, mouth, and pussy full at all times with SEVEN COCKSMEN around her. She even reaches for cameraman Kyle’s cock in an effort to keep those naughty hands full! He didn’t object too much. Several of the Cocksmen note how much Sofie’s pussy tightens on their dicks once she deep-throats one of the guys on the other end. After they’ve all had their rounds in mish, they flip Sofie over on her stomach for some pounding from the other side. Things really start to heat up and get sweaty once Sofie goes for some rides, then the FUCKIN’, FILLIN’, AND FEEDIN’ begins. Randy gives Sofie creampie #1 on her back before she scoops it up with her ring finger and feeds herself his load. Mr. Jaye puts deposit #2 in Sofie as the sweat and cum combine. Eddie does the scooping himself this time with his shaft so Sofie can taste it straight from the source. Once the ice is broken, Will follows shortly after and the rest of the creampies start flowing like a waterfall until Sofie is filled with EIGHT CREAMPIES, including some doubles! Sofie has given two of its best gangbangs with some of its highest creampie counts and the most Cocksmen. Tell us in the comments which of her awesome appearances you thought was best, #163 with the ten loads, or #263 with the seven Cocksmen. There are no losers here, especially Sofie. If we have her back, we’ll have to get a bigger space to cram more people in so Sofie can cram more cum in. Clearly there is already enough space in her pussy for plenty of ‘pies. Next week we’ll test the limits of another gangbang cutie here on THE WORLD’S BEST FIRST GANGBANG,!

Added on: July 11, 2020

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